Playing with Play

logoI have to spend some time on a project that will provide and use REST APIs. After a rapid comparison between Play and Spring (see below), I start with Play and Scala. I'm a beginner in Play and in Scala, so assume that information below can be naive or incorrect.

Play vs Spring

IoT project case study #3: understand customer needs

truckIn the beginning of the 2000s, while I was still working for the small company I had cofounded, we decided to answer a Request for Proposal submitted by a waste removal company, for a system allowing to check whether all planned daily garbage collections had been performed. At this time, we didn't know a lot about the waste removal market. But we knew we were experienced enough in technologies we would have to assemble in order to answer the RFP: onboard equipment and embedded software, GNSS positioning, wireless communications, Geographical Information Systems, etc.

Lightning shutter trigger 2.0

flashFirst version of my ligthning shutter trigger is not as sensitive as I would have liked it to be. Consequently, I have been thinking at designing a new version for some time now. I started the new design on end of March, and ended wiring the prototype yesterday.

I use a PSoC 4, from Cypress. This component includes an ARM core and some analog and digital blocks (including opamps) that you can configure and connect according to your needs. It took me a few days before feeling comfortable with the development environment and PSoC 4 capabilities, but I don't regret time I invested!


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