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My own burn down chart

chartLike many software developers loving development, I spend a large part of my personal time on development projects. Some of them originate from relatives' or friends' requests. When they ask me for a delivery date, I try to commit to the date I give them. Name this pride or simply good project management Wink. But in any case I have the need of a (simple) tool for project planning and tracking.

IoT device development kits

boardA running list of IoT development kits, mostly for devices and device connectivity

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Lightning shutter trigger 2.0 - another picture

flashYesterday, we got a thunderstorm. Usually, when people are on vacation, they prefer a nice weather. This is not the case for us Smile. We took the car, and drove to a place a few kilometers southwest of Ancelle, the small village where we are staying for a week, in south of french Alps.

Our flash detector triggered several times, but we got only two pictures. Only one displays a flash. The other one was triggered by a distant intra-cloud lightning, and it's hardly visible on the picture. Other detections came from flashes in our back (yes!) or on our sides. Conclusion: I'm happy with sensitivity of this version of the trigger Smile.

Playing with Play - 2

playMain concepts (for Scala)

Keypoints of Main concepts for Scala page.

HTTP programming

An Action handles a Request and generates a Result.

A Controller is an object that generates Action values.

The built-in router translates each incoming request to an Action. Routes are defined in conf/routes. Each route is defined by three parts:

  • HTTP method
  • URI pattern
  • call definition


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