Development with Android


Android Studio will be installed on a PC running Linux Mint 20.


Download the latest version of Android Studio from this webpage. At the time of writing, the version is Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Patch 1.

Follow the installation guidelines.

Increase disk size of a VirtualBox Linux guest


One possible way to increase the disk size of a VirtualBox Linux guest:

  • Stop the virtual machine
  • In VirtualBox menu, select File > Virtual Media Manager...
  • In the Hard disks tab, Select the virtual machine hard disk. The virtual machine can be deduced from the directory path displayed when clicking on a given hard disk
  • Increase the size

Linux: create and apply a patch file

How to create the patch file

diff -u current/sourceCode.c new/sourceCode.c > sourceCode.patch

How to apply the patch file

patch current/sourceCode.c < sourceCode.patch


How to retrieve a Wi-Fi AP password on Android 11

In a place where I'm not so often, I had to configure my PC for the local Wi-Fi access point. I didn't have the password. But my Samsung Android phone (running Android 11) had been configured for this access point, some time ago. The following steps allowed me to get access to the password:


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