A small application to configure Libelium's LoRa gateway

logoSome time ago, I had to set up a communication link using Libelium's LoRa Plug & Sense and gateway. Thanks to Waspmote SDK, it's really easy to configure the Plug & Sense. But there is no such facility for the gateway: you have to use a terminal emulator, and send hexadecimal frames to the gateway. So, I developed a small application that let the user configure the gateway in an easy way. Source code and associated documentation are available here. Don't hesitate to report bugs.


Create a PDF file from several JPEG files


To create a PDF file from several JPEG files, use convert command, from imagemagick package:

convert *.jpg resultingFile.pdf

Testing communication over SSL


To test communication over SSL, for instance to debug a protocol stack or to check configuration of a server (or even a client), use openssl:

openssl s_client -connect <server>:<port>


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