VirtualBox Windows guest on OS X host for PSoC Creator

logoFor a personal project, I use PSoC Creator, a design environment that runs only on Microsoft Windows. As my current development machines is a MacBook, I installed VirtualBox on it, and used a spare Windows 8.1 license. It took me some time to set things up such that I was able to use the full MacBook display resolution for Windows. Here are the steps I followed:

Creating a Vagrant Debian base box with more disk space

tuxRecently, I decided to overhaul the email server I had been running for several years now. I had two main requirements in mind:

  • isolate the installation in such a way that I can easily move it from one machine to another one, when I need it (for instance, when my hosting service provider delivers a new, less expensive service)
  • use ISPConfig

For isolation, using Docker would have been a nice solution for me, as I already have moved most of the services I run on my server to Docker containers. But the "standard" paradigm for docker is one process per container. I do not like to use tools for something else than what there have been designed for (do you know the quotation: "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" ? Smile). Of course, I could try to use Supervisor, or re-use one of the existing dockerizations of ISPConfig. But the first solution would require me to spend time in understanding how ISPConfig works. And, for the second solution, I'm not sure about the quality of existing containers.

Exporting emails from an IMAP server

tuxI run my own IMAP and SMTP servers, for personal and family use. After several years, I've got quite a large volume of emails. I'd like to export the oldest ones, while keeping the ability to read them. After some time spent on the web, I found the following solution, that seems to fulfill my needs:


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