Playing with AngularJS

logoI'm almost a complete beginner in Javascript and AngularJS. For some time now, I've been considering starting playing with them, but had not managed to do so. Today, it seems the right opportunity appeared. So, let's go!

I'll start by following AngularJS v1.4.9 tutorial. I'll do this on a PC that runs Linux Mint 17.3 (a Linux distro derived from Ubuntu).

Intallation and configuration

  • git is already installed
  • download example application:

HTTP and Web reference material


Client and server libraries

IoT project case study #1

This article is the first one of a series about project management in the field of Internet of Things. Every article, using a real-life project as an example, will exhibit a salient feedback from experience in managing such types of projects.

A first distinctive feature of IoT projects is that they require integration of technical blocks originating from three different domains: electronics, communications and software. And inside these three domains, various different subdomains are usually involved: analog and digital electronics, wireless communication modules, protocol stacks, embedded software, user interfaces, database management, analytics, geospatial data, etc.


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