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Are you a robot?

From time to time, I'm contacted by a recruitment agency through LinkedIn. The recruiter usually sends me a LinkedIn e-mail, telling me how (s)he is impressed by my profile. And (s)he offers me to contact him/her about a fantastic job opportunity that (s)he thinks I am a good fit for. The job is then described in a few lines.

GitLab: Docker container + HTTPS + SSH + reverse proxy

GitLabI had been running GitLab in a Docker container for a while now. And it was time to review the installation. Firstly, it was four version late at least. Secondly, I wanted to switch it to HTTPS. Thirdly, I wanted to provide SSH access to git. As I run several other dockerized web applications on my server, I use jwilder's nginx reverse proxy. After some tests (thanks to Docker!), I found one working configuration. And here are the steps I followed to upgrade:

My Eclipse configuration - Linux Mint 18

eclipseI just installed Eclipse Neon on a Linux Mint 18 machine. And discovered that tooltip windows were using a weird color theme: dark blue foreground on black background. I tried several tricks I found on various websites, without success. In the end, I found this one, which seems to work (but I have not used Eclipse in this new configuration for long enough):

Lightning shutter trigger 2.0 - end of field testing

eclairWe got a thunderstorm on Wednesday. My son took a few additional lightning pictures with the flash detector. Again, all flashes he saw were detected. So, we can consider that our field test is closed, and successful Smile.

Give me some time to clean source code, hardware schematics and documentation, and I'll open-source the project. Stay tuned.


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