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Lightning shutter trigger 2.0

flashFirst version of my ligthning shutter trigger is not as sensitive as I would have liked it to be. Consequently, I have been thinking at designing a new version for some time now. I started the new design on end of March, and ended wiring the prototype yesterday.

I use a PSoC 4, from Cypress. This component includes an ARM core and some analog and digital blocks (including opamps) that you can configure and connect according to your needs. It took me a few days before feeling comfortable with the development environment and PSoC 4 capabilities, but I don't regret time I invested!

Yesterday, I ended wiring a prototype. First tests (with a camera flash) have shown that this 2.0 version is able to detect shorter flashes, with lower light levels. This was anticipated but, nevertheless, that's good news! I still have to implement the camera shutter control part, but this will not require more then a few hours. And then, we'll have to wait for a thunderstorm Smile.

Here is a picture of this new prototype:

LST 2.0Update

Validated! Laughing Check this article, this one and this one.

Update - 01-May-2016

Camera shutter control implemented and validated yesterday. A thunderstorm is forecasted for today. Hopefully, we will get some lightning flashes...

Update - 15-May-2016

Unfortunately, no flashes on the 1st of May. Yesterday, another thunderstorm was planned. But again, no flashes...

Update - 19-Jun-2016

First pictures were taken!

Update - 11-Jul-2016

Another picture.

Update - 17-Aug-2016

End of field test.