My Eclipse configuration - Linux Mint 18

eclipseI just installed Eclipse Neon on a Linux Mint 18 machine. And discovered that tooltip windows were using a weird color theme: dark blue foreground on black background. I tried several tricks I found on various websites, without success. In the end, I found this one, which seems to work (but I have not used Eclipse in this new configuration for long enough):

Lightning shutter trigger 2.0 - end of field testing

eclairWe got a thunderstorm on Wednesday. My son took a few additional lightning pictures with the flash detector. Again, all flashes he saw were detected. So, we can consider that our field test is closed, and successful Smile.

Give me some time to clean source code, hardware schematics and documentation, and I'll open-source the project. Stay tuned.

Learning to code

My own burn down chart

chartLike many software developers loving development, I spend a large part of my personal time on development projects. Some of them originate from relatives' or friends' requests. When they ask me for a delivery date, I try to commit to the date I give them. Name this pride or simply good project management Wink. But in any case I have the need of a (simple) tool for project planning and tracking.

IoT device development kits

boardA running list of IoT development kits, mostly for devices and device connectivity

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