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Youku video download

bonjourMany subtitled videos are available on Youku, the chinese Youtube. Some of them are TV series quite easy to understand, as for instance the teen series 成人记.

To download those videos, and translate them at my own pace, I use following method (for Linux Mint 10):

  • add the FLVCD Helper extension to Firefox
  • go to the TV series page, and download the episodes. You get several FLV files per episode.
  • use PiTiVi to concatenate the FLV files of one episode. Rendering parameters can be:
    • container: MP4
    • video:
      • 512 x 288 (the original size)
      • 15 frames per second (the original value)
      • codec: FFmpeg MPEG-4 part 2
      • throughput: 2000000
      • constant bit rate encoding (CBE)
    • audio:
      • codec: FFmpag Advanced Audio Coding
      • throughput: 64000

Resulting video can be read on an Android 4.0.4 phone. And quality is good enough so that you can watch the video on a PC as well.

Update (Dec-2014): for Chrome, I use the extension 优酷去广告(推荐可用)One file only per episode.