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Low cost microcontroller boards

board15 years ago, it wasn't easy to find a microcontroller board that was at the same time low cost, and fulfilling your needs. Nowadays, that's almost the opposite: there are so many boards available, some of them being open source, that for every idea you get, you are quite sure to find at least two or three boards that can comply with your requirements!

In this article, I take note of various low cost microcontroller boards that I read or hear about. According to the above paragraph, this article is not exhaustive, and will never be.

Update - 05-Jun-2016: given the impressive number of available boards nowadays, I stop maintaining most of the lists below. I will go on maintaining the Lists section. The M2M/IoT section is moved to this article.


M2M / IoT (moved)

Open source boards (no more maintained)

Low power boards (no more maintained)

Misc. (no more maintained)

FPGA (no more maintained)

Price not known yet (no more maintained)

Commercial web sites (no more maintained)

  • ModtroniX , specialized in modular microcontroller based hardware and software solutions - specially for the PIC microcontroller from Microchip

Blogs (no more maintained)

  • some network-enabled boards, that can be used to connect various sensors to the internet, are listed on Lelylan blog