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Review your Chinese lessons


For some months now, I have had in mind, firstly, to seriously review my Chinese lessons and, secondly, to really start developing an application for Android.

I spent some time browsing the Android Market for an application that would have allowed me to review my lessons. Without success. So, I decided to take this opportunity to develop my first Android application. Three months later, here is some kind of a result, namely version 0.5 of Xue application.

This application allows you to define lessons. A lesson is a set of Chinese words, with associated pronunciation (pinyin), translation, and possibly a comment.

So, the application lets you create lessons. Then you populate them with the vocabulary you want to review. When you want to review a lesson, you choose whether you want to perform it from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese. The application displays words (either Chinese ones or English ones) in a random order. You can check whether you remember right pronunciation and translation.

This first published version is not fully reliable yet. But it is stable enough to let me review my lessons. If you decide to use it, don't hesitate to send me you comments, bug reports, requests... using the Contacts section.