ESP-IDF Ruuvi tag advertising data receiver

This ESP-IDF application receives and decodes advertisement data transmitted by a Ruuvi tag.

How to check the checksum of an IPv6 UDP packet

I have to check that the checksum of an IPv6 UDP packet is correct. Wireshark is one solution:

  • write the UDP packet into a text file, adhering to the format described here
  • in Wireshark, ensure that the checksum will be verified: select Edit > Preferences... > Protocols > UDP, and tick Validate the UDP checksum if possible
  • import the packet, with File > Import from Hex Dump...
  • for Encapsulation Type, select Raw IPv6

And that's it.

VirtualBox: USB basics and troubleshooting

An interesting thread about USB, in VirtualBox forum.

The solution which I already used twice: in my Linux host, add the user to vboxusers group.

Advice to young software developers

For young (or less young) software developers who wish to establish their career in software development, some criteria when selecting a company:

  • the manager of your future team or the leader of your future project is an experienced developer, who still codes for more than 50% of their time. In every team or project, one can find several experienced developers
  • the company has defined a career ladder for developers
  • the developer career ladder formally defines several levels, admission criteria for each level, how the ladder compares to the manager career ladder, and how to  go from one to the other


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