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My Eclipse configuration - OS X

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Starting to discover OS X, I wanted to set up an Eclipse environment similar to the one I use under Linux. As I'm far from being proficient in OS X, probability is high that steps reported here are not optimum ones. But they work Smile So, let's go:

  • Java:
    • start a terminal, and type java. Accept java installation. Installed version is 1.6.0.

  • Eclipse:
    • download Juno for Mac OS X (Eclipse IDE for Java developers - 64 bits version for me)
    • move eclipse folder to Applications folder
    • drag the Eclipse icon to the dock
  • WindowBuilder:
    • install it as described in this article
    • after installation of Eclipse SDK, the list of update sites is empty! To re-populate it: copy back eclipse folder to a user folder, start eclipse, export update sites, go back to installed eclipse, import update sites
  • Subversive:
    • Subversion is already installed (tested from a terminal). Does it come from iOS SDK installation, or is it installed by default? I don't know...
    • install subversive and connector in a way similar to the one presented in this article
  • Android:
    • download the SDK Tools for Mac.
    • unpack the downloaded zip file. Move resulting directory to a Development directory, in my home directory.
    • install the Eclipse ADT plugin. Configure Eclipse with directory of SDK tools.
    • install Android platform tools and one version of the SDK at least.