Headless VirtualBox virtual machine


For all my software development projects, I now use one VirtualBox virtual machine per project. This allows me to isolate my development environment from the physical machine I'm using, not to mix several software environment configurations that could be potentially incompatible, and, when required, to easily provide a colleague with a perfect copy of my development environment.

A few days ago, another need appeared: to make available a demonstration based on a given version of a project. This time, the virtual machine would not run on a desktop PC, but on a server. And it should be kept running for weeks and possibly months.

Black screen from a Linux VirtualBox guest machine

VirtualBoxAs I'm using several very different environments for some projects I'm working on (embedded software, application server, Android, etc.), I set up one VirtualBox virtual machine for each of them. The guest machine OS is Linux, and I run them either on a Linux host, or on a macOS host.


How to perform a pull request on GitHub

GitHubToday, I performed my first (insignifiant) pull request on GitHub, for an open-source project (akka-http, not to name it). Just to be sure to remember the steps I followed:

Thunderbird authentication problem with Gmail

A few days ago, I had to configure Thunderbird on a Linux machine, as a client for Gmail. The associated Google account was a G Suite one. As I already went through Thunderbird configuration for Gmail some months ago and did not face any trouble, I was not expecting any difficulty for this new configuration operation. Even if the new operation was for a G Suite account, while the previous one was for a free account...


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