To convert webp images to png, on a debian-derived linux:

  • install webp package
  • dwebp <webpFileWithWebpExtension> -o <pngFileWithPngExtension>

ESP-IDF UDP sender

This ESP-IDF application initiates a connection to a Wi-Fi access point. Once the connection is established, it sends a UDP datagram to a remote IP address and port.

When the connection is lost, the application tries to reconnect on a periodic basis.

There are two takeaways in this sample application:

ESP-IDF Ruuvi tag advertising data receiver

This ESP-IDF application receives and decodes advertisement data transmitted by a Ruuvi tag.

How to check the checksum of an IPv6 UDP packet

I have to check that the checksum of an IPv6 UDP packet is correct. Wireshark is one solution:

  • write the UDP packet into a text file, adhering to the format described here
  • in Wireshark, ensure that the checksum will be verified: select Edit > Preferences... > Protocols > UDP, and tick Validate the UDP checksum if possible
  • import the packet, with File > Import from Hex Dump...
  • for Encapsulation Type, select Raw IPv6

And that's it.

VirtualBox: USB basics and troubleshooting

An interesting thread about USB, in VirtualBox forum.

The solution which I already used twice: in my Linux host, add the user to vboxusers group.


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