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Configure a ThinkPad X13 for VirtualBox

To configure my ThinkPad X13 running Linux Mint for VirtualBox, enter the BIOS menu and set to On the following parameters:

  • Security > Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Security > Intel VT-d Feature

Configure the fingerprint reader on ThinkPad X13 with Linux Mint

Thanks to this post, I configured the fingerprint reader of my ThinkPad X13 running Linux Mint 20.1. I can now login just by pressing a finger on the reader. Works for sudo as well.


To convert webp images to png, on a debian-derived linux:

  • install webp package
  • dwebp <webpFileWithWebpExtension> -o <pngFileWithPngExtension>

ESP-IDF UDP sender

This ESP-IDF application initiates a connection to a Wi-Fi access point. Once the connection is established, it sends a UDP datagram to a remote IP address and port.

When the connection is lost, the application tries to reconnect on a periodic basis.

There are two takeaways in this sample application:


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