ESP8266 - End to end communication

ESP01I just ended writing a code sample showing one way to send a few bytes from an ESP8266 to a remote host, using Espressif RTOS. These few bytes could be a value generated by a sensor driven by the ESP8266, for instance. This code, with the associated server, can be found here.

Recovering data from a Synology RAID 1 disk

dsI decided to test whether I was able to recover data from one of the two RAID 1-configured disks installed in my Synology DS211j.

This article from Synology forum seems to provide some valuable information. Let's try it. On my PC running Linux Mint 17, I just have to install mdadm, lvm being already installed. Then I try the command described in the forum thread:

sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

And that's it: the disk is mounted and I can read files!

ESP8266 - Set up

ESP-01Almost one year ago, I discovered the ESP8266. That's a programmable Wi-Fi chip now quite well-known by a growing, very active community. Several boards based on it are available, at prices as low as $6 or $7.

Some web resources for IoT and M2M

Today, someone on LinkedIn asked me which resources I was using to keep up with technologies, industry and market. In my answer, I listed following web sites:


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