Some web resources for IoT and M2M

Today, someone on LinkedIn asked me which resources I was using to keep up with technologies, industry and market. In my answer, I listed following web sites:

Gitlab in a Docker container

logoA little bit more than one year ago, I started playing with Docker. I now run almost all server applications I use in containers: two Drupal web servers, a phpBB forum, a reverse proxy, a DNS server, a MineOS server for my son, etc. I have had the opportunity to investigate how to handle various requirements: data persistence, application update, microservice architecture, service dependency, etc. But I still consider myself as a naive beginner: the applications I have dockerized are for my personal use only. Consequently I've never been exposed to real-life constraints (large number of connections, security, high availability, etc.)

From time to time, I'm asked by some friends to help them, in my field of expertise[1], to solve some issues they face or to rapidly develop proofs of concept. Deliverables are source code and possibly some electronic schematics. Until recently, I have used email and file transfer to deliver those elements. And I have used a private version control system. Some weeks ago, I decided to spend some time in checking whether a dockerized GitLab could be a good solution to replace my archaic way of handling and sharing source code and schematics.

After some tests, I got the answer: yes! This article describes the few steps I followed to set up my configuration.

KiCAD: 3D models not displaying on Mac OS X

logoHaving some PCB design to do, I just installed KiCAD on my MacBook (20151104 nightly build).

As I'm a beginner with KiCAD, I went through the tutorial. Everything went well (I'm impressed by its quality). But when I tried to display the 3D view of my first design, only the PCB was visible.

A small application to configure Libelium's LoRa gateway

logoSome time ago, I had to set up a communication link using Libelium's LoRa Plug & Sense and gateway. Thanks to Waspmote SDK, it's really easy to configure the Plug & Sense. But there is no such facility for the gateway: you have to use a terminal emulator, and send hexadecimal frames to the gateway. So, I developed a small application that let the user configure the gateway in an easy way. Source code and associated documentation are available here. Don't hesitate to report bugs.


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