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My first LPC1115 application

Yesterday, I ended my first device based on an LPCXpresso 1115. Here are two pictures of the result:

  • enclosure closed:


  • enclosure opened:


So, what do we have here? A phototransistor, two LEDs, a switch, a jack socket, the target part of an LPCXpresso 1115 board with some components soldered on the prototyping area, and an additional prototyping board with some other components.

What's the aim of this? I'll describe it later, after having tested it in real conditions. Stay tuned...

02-May-2014 - Update

Here it is: I had the opportunity to let validate the device today! For those of you who were eagerly waiting for the answer to the question "what is this stuff for?": that's a lightning shutter trigger that allows you to take a picture of lightning flashes at daylight. I designed it for my eldest son, who is found of meteorology and thunderstorms. I had promised him that I'd  build him a trigger requiring no adjustment to ambient light level, as it is usually the case for such devices. So, it's really easy to use, as we were able to check today. Some resulting pictures are here.