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Video format conversions

Converting TS files

To convert TV programs recorded by our digital TV (TNT) recorder, I found a working configuration for Handbrake:

  • video:
    • checking Summary tab, ensure that the image is not cropped. If it is, remove cropping using Picture settings
    • video encoder: MPEG-4 (FFmpeg)
    • framerate: 25 (PAL Film/Video)
    • constant framerate
    • constant quality
    • QP: 4
  • audio:
    • Advanced / Sample rate: 44.1
    • encoder: MP3 (lame)
    • bitrate: 64

Converting MTS files

My wife's Panasonic camera is able to record videos in AVCHD format (file type being MTS). Avidemux seems to be in trouble with those videos: opening an MTS file makes it display a window larger than the desktop (!). And Handbrake crashes, depending on chosen output format. But for it, following profile works OK:

  •  video:
    • video codec: MPEG-4 (Ffmpeg)
    • framerate: 25 (PAL film / video)
    • constant quality - QP: 4
  • audio:
    • codec: MP3 (lame)
    • bitrate: 48
    • sample rate: 44.1