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N810 : problem with internal flash memory

Recently, I lost several files on my N810. By "lost", I mean that I was getting an I/O error message when trying to access them. They were stored on the internal 2 Gb flash memory.

After having googled a bit, I found an information about what seemed to be an incorrect partitioning of this memory. I decided to test this point, going through following steps:

  • connected the N810 to my linux PC
  • using the fdisk command, I displayed memory partitioning information:
    /dev/sdc1               1       62720     2007032    b  W95 FAT32
  • I then deleted the existing partition, created a new one, and formatted it. Partitioning information became:
    /dev/sdc1               1       61440     1966072    b  W95 FAT32
  • yes, there is a difference! I don't know what it means, and I don't have time yet to investigate this... I'll see what happens with my files...

Important point: of course, if you try this, backup your files before! Smile